9.6.17 Clemente Day at PNC Park

Last night I walked through the tunnels of PNC Park with Sarah up through the dugout and onto the field where we carried an enormous 4 feet by 3 feet painting.


It was an incredible honor to present the Clemente family with a painting for Clemente Day at PNC Park.


Unless you aren’t from Pittsburgh, you would know that Roberto Clemente is a Pittsburgh Icon. He is a 15 time all-star, 12 time Gold Glove Award winner, World Series Champ, and a member of the 3,000 hit club. He was a cannon in right field and he was feared at the plate. Roberto, however, is remembered more so for what he did off the field. He was one of the greatest humanitarians of his time. He made a point to give back to others. He started a charity called “Food for the Hungry” and visited places that had little and gave them much. So much that he gave his life trying to help earth quake victims in Nicaragua and died tragically on December 31, 1972 in a plane crash.

He was a Hall of Famer, he was a Pittsburgh sports legend, and he was a hero to so many.

To honor Roberto and Vera Clemente, I put together this video of the painting I did outside of the Clemente Statue in centerfield of PNC Park.


I felt such a great sense of honor to hand this painting over to the their family. To stand on the field with them, talk to them, getting to know them, I can say with full certainty that Vera and Roberto raised some amazing kids who are following in their fathers footsteps as great humanitarians.

Here is the clip AT&T Sportsnet played last night!

This was a very special day for me as well, I had lots of family and friends that came out to support me at the game along with meeting some great people as well. Sarah and her mother drove over four hours just to be there that night, some of my youth group students showed up with signs to support me, I got to see Josh Harrison whom I consider a friend and partner in some awesome charity work we are doing soon, along with many others that took the time out of their day to come to the park and those who watched at home. Thank you all so much. I love you all. 21371123_824387914426776_2377474931368478014_nIMG_0661fullsizeoutput_4d



This is a day I will cherish forever.


Thank you to Kailee and Roberto Jr. for making it happen! I owe you guys more finger paintings.

Thank you, Jesus.




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