9.12.17 Stanley Cup Party

I touched the cup.

The same cup held by Lemieux and Sid. The same cup that Malkin and Fleury hoisted three times. The same cup that Jagr, Gonchar, Stevens, Murray, Talbot, Sammuelson, and Mike Sullivan drank from in the locker room.

I was fortunate enough to paint at a Penguin’s own Jason Seidling’s Stanley Cup Party.

I can confidently say that this experience was the greatest Pittsburgh Sports moment of my life.

Not many people get to say that they touched the cup, let alone drink from it!


Jason Seidling hosted an amazing party. I loved being able to come and paint for the event. I painted a really neat picture of Jason’s dog, Beau, and the Cup. Jason was kind enough to throw out my name and campaigned for me to be able to paint for the Pittsburgh Penguins in some fashion this upcoming year. Because of him, that life long dream is coming true for me.

Jay, I can’t thank you enough.


IMG_1918(It is really hard to paint a black lab on a black canvas)

Its experiences like this that really make me appreciate the opportunities that God places in front of me. Its a platform for me to share my faith with the city of Pittsburgh. I love painting for Pittsburgh, but its always so much better to paint for my Father in Heaven.

IMG_1915Kissing Sarah is still better… but its closer than you think. (Jokes)


Thank you, Jason!

Thank you, Jesus!



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