9.26.17 Pittsburgh Pirates Paintings

I’ve been busy.

Really busy.

I love my church. They are incredibly supportive of the whole finger painting gig. the Bible Chapel in Robinson is less like an American church, and more like a family. Which, I believe, is what Jesus intended. My good friend Tom Rojahn is our Campus Pastor here in Robinson. We share an office at the church and I absolutely love that. I have learned so much just by osmosis. He is always throwing out ideas for sermons and lessons to me and I am able to sit there and take in his ideas and pretend like I am contributing in some way. I’m definitely not.

Tom used to work for the Pirates. from 1999 to 2007 Tom was in the organization and was instrumental in attempting to get me to paint for the Pirates annual faith night. Even though I wasn’t able to paint there, I would love to share with you right now, the amazing opportunities I had to work with some of the players this year for the Pittsburgh Pirates. IMG_2135.JPG


Back in July I was invited to paint at Josh Harrison’s event. It was the first charity I have ever done for a professional athlete and I am honored and blessed that it was Josh’s. I am lucky to have gotten to work with Josh a few more times as well. If there is one player in the MLB I would want my little brother to mimic, it would be Josh because of his hustle.

(Just a little insider information about Josh: I don’t possess a lot of swag… but I know it when I see it. Josh Harrison oozes swag.)FullSizeRender 6


Next up is Trevor Williams: He had gotten his own individual blog post before, so I won’t say much else other than FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER. It is magical.

FullSizeRender 3


These next ones were all within this last week:

I had done paintings for Chris Bostick, Max Moroff, and Andrew McCutchen. I reached out to Chris to do a painting for him because he had just gotten his first career MLB hit and I was honored that he allowed me to be able to capture it. Chris, I hope you get back to me in 15 years when you have your last hit. It would be an honor to capture that one too.


IMG_2118.JPGMax Moroff is a really cool guy. On Tuesday I went to the Park with my brother, Gene. Max had contacted me a day before and asked me about a painting. I painted his first ever walk off hit. I love the excitement and emotion in the picture and I recreated it the best I could, but, moments like those are incredibly unique and special. After Gene and I got our field passes we headed in the tunnels where I delivered this painting to Max himself. Hope you like it!

IMG_2139FullSizeRender 2



Since I was going to be on the field, I wondered if I would ever have the opportunity to get a painting to Andrew McCutchen. I made the painting you will see below, in a matter of 8 minutes. I was worried that this might be Andrews last home series at PNC Park and this painting was a huge thank you to everything he had done for the Pirates organization incase the fear of him leaving became reality. Cutch was the face of a Pirates era that had ended a 21 year curse for the team. those three magical seasons from 2013-2015 were some of the most exciting sporting events I have ever watched. Anyways, Cutch has been the greatest Pirate of my generation. I walked onto the field and stood in front of the dugout with the painting in between Gene and I. Cutch was in the middle of BP when he saw the painting, he walked over, shook my hand and we talked for a bit  about the painting, being really appreciative, before going to take more swings.


Cutch is a good dude.

As Cutch was walking back to the dugout a second time, he pointed his bat at me, put it to my chest (like he was challenging me to a joust or something), and said, “this is for the painting.” He signed it and handed it to me. Andrew McCutchen is a good dude.



I am so honored to be a part of this great city.


Thank you, Lord. You alone have supplied this Spiritual gift, and I will continue to use it for Your glory.



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