10.23.17 Heyward House Event

My Dad could’ve played in the NFL.

…had he ever played football.

He is almost 6’4″, 265 lbs. He stood among guys like Ramon Foster and Brett Keisel on Monday night and other than being in his late 40s, he looked indistinguishable. He has the size, and had the athletic ability. Who knows what could’ve happened. Guys were smaller in the 90’s, he could’ve played. End Rant.

The reason I bring this up was because I was honored to be invited to the Hayward House Night of Steel and Steaks at Eddie Merlot’s. I get a plus one to these things and since Sarah is a 3 week journey away by horse and buggy in South Eastern, Kentucky, where we have to write letters to each other just to communicate, she could not make it. So I asked my dad to come. My parents rarely get to see me paint anymore. Unless they get a plane ticket to Dallas, Salt Lake City, New York, or spend half a weeks paycheck to get a ticket to one of the charity events, they aren’t there.

I took the opportunity to have him there this time to watch and hang out with Steelers like Ramon Foster, Stephon Tuitt, Brett Keisel, Charlie Batch, Tyson Alualu, Arthur Moats, Dan McCullers, and Cam Heyward. Bob Pompeani of KDKA, who, is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet Emceed the event.




I always get a deep warm feeling during these things. The Heyward House is a charity foundation that does incredible things for children with cancer. I saw a large body of people Monday night get behind a great cause and decide to make a difference. I get to be a part of some of the most heart warming events in Pittsburgh. 80% of my events are charities. I am constantly seeing the best sides of Pittsburgh and the most generous sides of people. People want to make change in Pittsburgh for the better. Its great to see. Pittsburgh is a good place looking to become even better.







The paintings I did that night were a profile of Cam in uniform, who, right before, said: “Its going to be hard not to make me look ugly.” to my response “… well Cam, that is where I have to trust in the Holy Spirit.” Evangelism at its finest. The second painting was a special one of Cam and his father Craig, who also spent years in the NFL and tragically passed away from cancer nearly twenty years ago.



Here is the KDKA news clip of it:

The paintings sold for nearly $8,500. With Cam’s wife, Allie, winning the one of Cam and Craig Heyward.

I am blessed I get to do this. Blessed by God. I get to meet some of the hardest working people every day, for causes that are so great to be a part of. I love being able to tell people I am a pastor. I love being able to share by what power I am able to do this. I love when people ask where my church is and how they want to check it out.




Thank you, Heyward House! Thank You, Jesus!




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