12.13.17 Pray for Shazier Painting on WTAE

Pray for Shazier


I love how the city of Pittsburgh rallies together in support of some great causes around the city. If there is anything positive about Ryan Shazier’s injury on Monday Night Football, it’s that we can see an entire city, who loves its football and their athletes, come together to pray and show their support of injured linebacker, Ryan Shazier.

Here is the story WTAE ran last night on the painting. (Please excuse my awkwardness.)


Back before live performance painting was even a thought for me, I was a college football player at Kentucky Christian University. After playing Duquesne my Junior year as I was heading toward the locker room, Ryan Shazier was standing there and we talked for about 15 minutes and as I was walking into the locker room he told me to “heal up.” Ryan, I’m wishing you the same message.

I wanted to create a piece that was intense. I wanted to create something that showed fearlessness. I wanted to show the side of Ryan Shazier that proves he would come back stronger than ever.

You can view the painting on Youtube here:

This 13 minute speed painting is dedicated to Ryan Shazier.

IMG_2977Pray for Shazier.



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