2.6.18 Painting for the Fleury’s

A few weeks ago I was sitting at home late on a Friday night painting hockey pads for the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation. These weren’t just any pads, they were the pads of Marc Andre Fleury from the 2008 Stanley Cup run season. (More on this in a later post).

As I was working my phone buzzed: “hey Cody, do you know the Fleury’s?”

Heart. Stopped.

The Vegas Golden Knights were coming to town in a few weeks and I was just going through every possibility in my head of what this could be. My friend, Melissa Armstrong, asked me if it would be possible to come up to Sidney Crosby’s Suite mid game and paint for Veronique and their little girls.

Absolutely. No brainer.

After the Fleury tribute at the 14 minute mark the entire arena was left in tears, I packed my supplies and headed to the suite.  I opened the door and walked my painting equipment into the room and 6 kids ran to the door expecting Iceburgh. I was a slight disappointment. Two of them even asked me if Iceburgh was coming back. But when they saw my stuff they were asking so many questions about what was going to happen next.

I set up while Melissa explained to Veronique who I was and that I was there to paint for her and the rest of the family.


It is always so cool to have the kids around guessing at what the painting is. I love talking and interacting with them during the painting.

After Estelle, the older of the two Fleury girls, recognized exactly which photo I was painting I had no choice but to flip it early to reveal a big picture of Marc and his girls.


When I completed the painting, Sarah and I asked the Fleury girls if they wanted to put their hand prints on the painting next to mine.

Anyone who knows them, knows that Estelle is a professional sweetheart. She told me she loved the painting and wanted to “give the painting to her daddy as a present” which melted my heart.


I hope that the painting captured the love between Marc and his girls. I hope the painting will hang in their home in Vegas. It can even hang in their bathroom, I don’t care.

But most of all I hope they know how honored I was to paint for them. I hope they know how much I appreciated their time in Pittsburgh.

Thank you, Marc, Veronique, Estelle, and Scarlett for having me paint.

Thank you Lord for another amazing opportunity.


In Christ,


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  1. Cody, you are totally amazing! I would love to watch you paint. I love seeing all of your paintings of the local sportspeople. I understand you went to Norwin. My husband and I did also but we’re much older! In fact we will be having our 50th reunion next year! God has given you a wonderful talent!
    God bless, Maureen Matty


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