I love to paint for my church, the Bible Chapel.

This time I was part of an extremely special night and unlike anything I’ve been a part of before.

IMG_3340.jpgThe Tim Tebow Foundation sponsors “Night to Shine,” a formal dance for individuals with special needs who do not often get the experience of a prom or homecoming dance. Throughout the course of the evening guests are treated like royalty. They are pampered and styled, given the opportunity to be chauffeured by a limousine, and even escorted by their buddy down the red carpet where they are crowned as the kings and queens of the night. This year in the Pittsburgh Area, Night to Shine was hosted by the Bible Chapel located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. The event is hosted annually by 540 churches all across the world and over 90,000 guests of all ages come to be celebrated.

My super cute girlfriend, Sarah, spent her night volunteering as a buddy with her beautiful guest, also named Sara. They were instantly the stars of my night.

IMG_3329 2.JPG


Before painting, I had the privilege of spending the evening on the red carpet. Where   our dashing guests were greeted with the roaring of cheers and applause from our audience made up of adoring parents, friends, aids, and volunteers. Guests were radiating with big, contagious smiles. They were so appreciative of every little moment. The atmosphere of the whole evening was so joyous.

I painted Tim Tebow. So many guests admire and love him for what he does for them by sponsoring Night to Shine. Having the experience of the guests up close to me while I worked was amazing; getting to hear their excitement as I flipped over the canvas to reveal the surprise painting of their hero was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.



My favorite part of the night was something I overheard at the event: Sarah’s guest looked at her and told her “I cant wait to be beautiful like you.” To which Sarah responded, “Don’t you worry about that. You already are.” It was an amazing night.

Night to Shine is such a humbling event everyone should be a part of.

Seeing everyone shine was so rewarding. Being with my church family is always a blessing. Just a great night.

Thank you Jesus for the church I call home, the Bible Chapel.


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