2.15.18 I Got Engaged!

I hit the jackpot.

I met Sarah in October of 2016 and from the moment we had our first conversation I knew there was a depth to this young woman that maybe had never been discovered by anyone before.

Our first conversation was at Jones Hall (The first Cody Sabol Art Studio). We talked about art, movies, ideas, and Faith. From that point on, I was hooked. Not like a cute ‘I’m thinking about you here in class’ type of hooked, I mean more like a heroin addict. I wanted to see her as soon as I woke up and I couldn’t shake it until I was able to see her again.

Fast Forward.

I’ll never forget the day she told me she wanted to leave KCU and transfer up here to Pittsburgh. We knew what was next. We knew we wanted to do it together. So on November 18, 2017 I bought a ring.

I am into big hairy audacious dreams and performances. Therefore, the proposal had to be as big, or if not, bigger, than anything I had ever planned before.

Contact: Pittsburgh Penguins

Sarah and I made a family with the Penguins Foundation. I knew I wanted them involved from the start. Not only the foundation but a long time friend of mine, Jason Seidling, works for the Penguins as well. I knew they would want to help me more than anything.

I got help from so many people in the organization, it was incredible to watch people (some who didn’t even know Sarah or myself), jump to action when it came to creating a special moment for a guy who wants to make a girl his wife.

After we put together the final touches for the plan, I had to make sure all her friends and family were here. I contacted her mom, brothers, friends from all over, and snuck them up to Pittsburgh. This was probably the trickiest part. I had to make sure she didn’t suspect a single thing.

I told her the Penguins wanted her to video the painting so she would notice that the crowd that formed behind her was actually her family and friends. All in all we probably had around 50 people hide behind her so we could surprise her after. (check out the closing moments of the video where she turns to see her mom. You’ll cry if you see it for the first time.)

Sarah had to drive separately because she had class at RMU that day, so when she got out of class at 4:30, traffic was a wreck (pun intended). Seriously, a wreck on 376 inbound kept Sarah from getting to PPG Paints Arena on time (5:45pm) to being almost 35 minutes late (6:20pm) which is TEN minutes before I started painting. I was in a panic she would miss her own engagement, or see someone she knew, or we had to cancel.

But she made it. Thats all that counts.

I painted horribly. My palms were sweaty, my head was sweaty, everything was sweaty, and for a moment I thought I was going to throw up. No vomit, but my hands were shaking so bad that I didn’t think anyone would be able to tell what I was painting (a few didn’t, but I didn’t care.)

Before I say anything else about it, I might as well just show you:

Everything turned out perfectly.

She said ‘yes.’ if you listened without the sound on.

And I am the happiest person who ever lived because of it.


I have many thanks to give.

To Maddie, Dave and everyone else at the Penguins Foundation: Thank you for giving me a platform to propose to my new fiancé. Maddie, you were Sarah’s first friend when she moved up to Pittsburgh. We cant thank you enough for letting us into your little family at the Pens Foundation. Love you guys!

To Jason, Billy, and Iceburgh: You guys rock. This was such a huge moment for us and you guys went above and beyond for me. This was more than a favor, it was something ill owe you guys forever with. I don’t have much to give, I can only finger paint and preach, but whatever it is you need, ill be happy to help you guys with.

To Ryan, Madi, Lee, Jannah, and Chelsea: Thank you guys for dropping everything to come up here and make Sarah’s night. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, it wouldn’t have been as special if you guys weren’t there.

To my Bible Chapel Family: Thank you for your support! Tom, Amanda, Lorraine, Jeremy, Ashley, Brad, Rachel, Jonathan, Megan, and Maria, thank you for coming to our engagement. I have the best brothers and sisters in Christ and the best ministry teammates God could’ve given me.

To my brothers: Owen, Gene, Chris, and Christian, I love you guys. Thank you for always being there for me.

To my parents, sisters, Charlie and Savannah: I love you guys. I can always count on you. Thank you for helping me pull this off. Thank you for always asking “what can I do to help?” and then following through. Savannah, you’re the cutest baby.

To my new mom and my new brothers: I promise, whatever I can do in my power to love and provide and protect and make Sarah happy, I will do it and I will go above and beyond that. We are going to do some big big things in this life together. Thank you for supporting me and our relationship. Andrew, I think Pittsburgh is a great fit for you. Think about it 🙂


This has been an amazing journey.  This has been an amazing life so far. I have been so thankful and so awestruck by it all. The support has been overwhelming.

To God: Thank you for her. Thank you for them. Thank you for this platform. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Love and peace and everything that makes you happy,


– Cody.


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