2.28.18 “Give More Than You Take.”

A few years ago I asked a friend about the business side of art. Business freaks me out. Charging people money still freaks me out. So I asked my friend and fellow artist, Eric Samuel Timm, how to balance being a Christian artist and trying to make a profit. Five simple words of advice “Give More Than You Take.”

Cody Sabol at the Pittsburgh Heart Ball

It was all the advice I would ever need and sparked this desire to give to as many charities as possible around the city of Pittsburgh and Beyond.

From Pittsburgh, to Dallas, to Salt Lake City I have been blessed to be a part of some of these cities’ biggest charitable events. When you get to experience the things I have been able to be a part of, it gives you a great sense of hope. From the American Heart Association, to Lending Hearts, to JDRF and everything in between, I get to see people coming together, bringing out the best parts of the city of Pittsburgh.


I get to see the best parts of Pittsburgh.

Donovan Mitchell Painting in Salt Lake City

Since March of 2017, these live speed paintings have been able to help raise over $80,000 dollars to various charities in Pittsburgh and beyond.

“Give more than you take.”

Unbelievably blessed.


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