8.27.18 MLB Players Weekend Cleats

A few months ago, before the MLB season began, Trevor Williams reached out to me with an idea.

Trevor’s passion, other than baseball, is Project 34.

Project 34 has one overarching goal: to positively impact the lives of individuals living with a spinal cord injury.

Project 34 assists with the purchasing of medical equipment and assistive devices that may not be otherwise accessible to a patient, as well as provides grants to individuals to afford physical therapy for optimal function. We want to ease the stress that accompanies the financial burden of these necessary materials, so that the patient and their families can focus on living a fulfilling life.

Our mission was to create two pairs of cleats that would raise awareness to this mission and also add some creativity and fun to for Players Weekend.

Ill never forget Trevor’s text one night:

“could you recreate this picture except I’m Luke Skywalker?”




Here is the video for Trevor’s Cleats.


JAMO’s Cleats

After Trevor texted me, I wondered how many players I could get to do their cleats for Players Weekend.

I texted Jameson and we just ran with it. His idea was literally hitting me close to home. He wanted all Pittsburgh themed cleats to pitch in. He mentioned donating them to a special charity.

One thing that stood out when meeting Jamo to pick up the cleats, he said that “These shoes are a chance for us to show who we are beyond baseball.” That really stuck with me. I consider myself blessed to be the one to do that.

We decided that Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital would be the place to donate the money from the game worn cleats to.


For these Chad Kuhl Cleats, I binged watched the entire Dark Knight trilogy a dozen times. I can recite every line. By the way, The Dark Knight and Batman Begins are on Netflix for a limited time.

Chad, brotha, thank you for letting me do these cleats. They were really cool. Recover soon!


Josh Harrison is the best guy.

I’ll explain.

Being a two time Pirate All-Star with popularity that is on the same plane in the last 5 years with Cutch, AJ Burnett, Marte, Russell Martin, and Cole, brings you a lot of attention. Josh and I would meet to exchange paintings and shoes, most of the time, before games in front of PNC Park. There would be people around, fans who knew exactly who he was.

Instead of making a quick appearance to make an exchange and go, this guy would stand talk to these fans, kids, everyone. He would sign their stuff, high-five them, etc. It is a really cool thing to see.

Josh wanted 1 Peter 5:6 on his cleats. A reminder from the Apostle Peter to: “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.”

His little league nickname “Magicfeet” and current nickname “JHAY” are painted in a graffiti style on the outside of the cleats.


From August 24-26,

These players wore these cleats.

It is something special to watch the game and see your artwork on the TV. Jameson dominated the day he pitched, even wore a liner off of them.

AT&T Sportsnet gave the cleats some love that day.


These were unbelievable projects.

I am unbelievably blessed.

Cant wait for the next phase.



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