“I make paintings for Jesus.

After praying “God, how can I use art for you?” my freshman year of college, God opened the flood gates.

One of my best friends at school asked me to paint during an event he was performing at but I was adamant I would not be performing with him. After a few weeks of convincing and maybe a bribe involving Taco Bell, I had changed my opinion and accepted his offer of 2 Crunch Wrap Supremes.

The paintings turned out AWFUL.


If there was ever a time where I’ve felt God’s presence strongest, it was in the moments I was in front of everyone throwing paint on this canvas.

On the back of the paintings I gave to Kyle (nobody wanted to buy them) I wrote “This is the start of something beautiful”.

Ever since then, God has opened the doors for me to continue and grow as an artist and as a Pastor.” – Cody

Cody is the founder of Revelation 5:5 ministries. Cody graduated from Kentucky Christian University in 2017 majoring in Preaching Ministry and Biblical Studies.

Why Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is the City of Bridges, the Steel City, the City of Champions. Pittsburgh is the place of hustle and grind. My grandfather was a Steel Worker for 42 years. This city was built on the foundation of hard work and sweat. I love this city. There is nothing more breath taking then going through the Fort Pitt Tunnel and seeing the city explode into view. It is where I am called to be.

However, Pittsburgh is becoming more Post-Christian by the minute. It is in the top 25 percent of Post-Christian/Atheist cities in America. My goal in Pittsburgh is to show that Jesus is still here and still working.

The Lion of Judah is working here in the city of Pittsburgh.

Through my art, I want to show the Love of Jesus and start a revival right here in Pittsburgh.