Live Paintings and Events

I love the heart-pounding intensity of performing live on stage in front of people.

I would love to come to your event and add a creative atmosphere that inspires people to find their artistic side.

Allow me to come to your event and make it memorable!

(Performed on 11/13/18. Painting Celebrating Steelers Radio and TV Host, Bill Hillgrove.)

(This Painting was Performed at the Pittsburgh Penguins Summer Sticks 2018. 11 Minute Colorful Penguins logo)

Featured below is Marc Andre Fleury’s pads I painted for the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation. These were featured on NHL Network before their coverage of a Pittsburgh Penguins game.

This video was taken at the LEAD IT 2018 Greene Turtle Conference at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort.

All painting designs were collaborated with the event host to create relevant and fun works of art pertinent to the event.